Nearly 40 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. The older you get, the higher your chances of developing hearing problems. Being diagnosed with hearing loss can negatively impact your quality of life and those around you. The effects also progress as your hearing loss worsens.

If you struggle to hear the TV or often ask others to repeat themselves, visiting a hearing healthcare provider such as Helix Hearing Care to get your hearing tested can help determine whether or not you have a hearing problem. If your audiologist finds you have a hearing problem, one of the most effective ways to treat your hearing loss is wearing hearing aids. Besides hearing aids, here are other healthy ways you can improve your hearing

1.    Yoga

Doing yoga is one of the best natural ways known to improve hearing. Many people who suffer from hearing loss report improved hearing after a yoga workout. Yoga poses that pump oxygen-rich blood quickly to your brain can help improve your hearing. These include yoga poses that help stretch your shoulders and spine, such as the lotus pose, cobra pose, triangle pose, or tree pose. No matter your level of experience in yoga, you can enjoy better hearing through regular practice.

2.    Check for Ear Wax

One of the main causes of hearing loss is ear wax buildup. Accumulation of wax in your ears can make you not receptive to sounds as normal. You can easily resolve this by removing the ear wax. You can remove the wax by first softening it using hydrogen peroxide, warm olive oil, or warm salt solution.


Add a few drops of the solution into your ear and allow it some time to loosen the waxy buildup. Then turn your ear down to drain the solution plus the wax. If you have larger buildups, do this regularly to effectively remove earwax and prevent it from attracting dust and other particles that could worsen your hearing problem. You can also have your earwax professionally removed to lessen or even eliminate your hearing loss effects.

3.    Regular Physical Exercise

Not only does regular physical exercise improve your heart health but also your ear health. Going for a jog, walk, or doing any physical activity that gets your heart pumping and blood circulating can improve your auditory function in a big way. You can also try doing anything healthy and productive, such as housework or gardening, to help you stay in shape while also improving your hearing.

4.    Vitamins

Another healthy way to improve your hearing is by improving your diet. Eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins has been found to improve the quality of hearing. Certain minerals such as B vitamins, zinc, Folic acid, and magnesium usually contribute to improved hearing and overall body health. Ensure the right balance of minerals and vitamins in your diet. You can include lots of vegetables and fruits in your meals since they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Consider taking supplements to benefit the fullest. If you’re under any other medication, always talk to your doctor first.


Whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, improving your ear health through these natural ways can positively impact your quality of life by reducing miscommunication and making it easier for you to have a real conversation with your friends and family.