Retirement homes and communities help seniors maintain their safety, health, and well-being, give them daily living support and support their socialization needs. They get to meet other seniors of their age to interact, share, talk and network. This is why senior homes have recreational activities to ensure that seniors remain socially active, emotionally cognitive, feel better, and stay healthy other than the care and support. It also helps them improve their physical life and live fulfilling lives. Here are the types of recreational activities that you can find in retirement homes and communities:

What Are Recreational Activities for the Elderly?

These activities encourage brain function, reduce stress, encourage physical activity, keep seniors moving with social action, give them fun, and make them energetic.

In a given retirement home or retirement community such as the Riverview Retirement Community, you may find different categories of recreational activities. Examples of these activities include those that:

  •       Encourage interaction
  •       Encourage creativity
  •       Challenge the brain
  •       Encourage physical/cardio strength to keep them energetic

Recreational Activities That Boost Imagination and Creativity

Aging comes with a decline in sensorimotor control and functioning or decreased motor skills. These declines in fine motor control, balance, and gait affect the older adults’ ability to perform most activities of daily living to maintain their independence. Retirement communities allow the seniors to participate in some recreational activities that help them improve their motor skills, such as concentration, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Examples of these activities are:

  •       Playing the piano or guitar
  •       Painting or drawing
  •       Scrapbooking
  •       Cross stitching
  •       Embroidery
  •       Crochet or knitting

When seniors engage in these creative and artistic activities, their moods lift up, and spirits flow as they spend their time constructively.

Recreational Activities That Challenge Mind and Memory

From words to numbers, letters, and strategies, senior citizens can make most of mind-game activities that can strengthen and challenge their memory, improve their knowledge, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Some of the mind and memory engaging games and activities the elderly can engage in include:

  •       Reading
  •       Playing Chess
  •       Scrabbles
  •       Bingo
  •       Book Clubs
  •       Jigsaw puzzles
  •       Monopoly

Recreational Activities That Keep Seniors Active

An older adult needs regular physical activity. It is one of the essential things seniors can do for their health. Physical activities can prevent many health problems that usually come with age, help muscles grow stronger to remain active without dependence, and encourage healthy breathing. Physical activity can also help improve their posture and ensure that older adults have the right blood flow. Retirement communities have designated areas for physical activities and sometimes provide specialized trainers to help seniors learn and participate in them safely. Some of the physical activities that seniors can participate in are:

  •       Walking groups
  •       Dancing and Karaoke
  •       Obstacle courses
  •       Aerobics such as the Alexander Technique
  •       Swimming
  •       Tai chi
  •       Gardening
  •       Bird-watching

In the company of a trainer, active and physically strong seniors can also engage in games and sports like:

  •       Golf
  •       Tennis
  •       Running
  •       Weight lifting
  •       Indoor bowling


Above all, seniors need to spend more time outdoors, interact with nature, get sunlight and improve their feeling. Retirement homes and communities should encourage older adults to spend more time outside through walking clubs, bird watching, gardening, or simple interaction while sitting outside. It is refreshing, relaxing and it fills them with the energy that gives them more life.