There are many reasons why you don’t enjoy sex as much as you did before. You may have tried every position imaginable or your partner isn’t always in the mood for a night of lovemaking. On the other hand, some people just stop having sex because it has become uncomfortable and painful.


If that last part rings true to you, then it’s possible to rekindle (or even boost) your sex life. All it takes is using the proper methods. Apart from yoga and mindful meditation, you can also look towards the Alexander Technique for a more effective way to reduce pain and enhance pleasure during your next intimate moment with your partner.


When Does Sex Become Less Enjoyable?

Sex is an important part of any relationship. We are all craving physical affection that only certain people in our lives can deliver. Sex can also improve mental wellness, boost self-confidence, and enhance our overall physical health.


As we age, we may lose our ability to perform well in bed. Our sex drive decreases and it will take longer to feel aroused. Apart from this, our bodies also experience a decrease in both flexibility and vitality. Hormonal shifts that take place during aging can make any sex act more uncomfortable.


Couples who have these problems may consider a wide range of options depending on their unique situation. When it comes to maintaining an erection, couples may consider ordering Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction from a licensed vendor. If they think having sex has become too bland, they could try out new positions or do the deed in exotic places. For pain, lubricants can provide some measure of relief, but if performance is your major issue, you might want to consider correcting your posture.


What Does Posture Have to Do With Sex?

Whether standing or sitting, our posture can affect our sex drive in ways we’re unaware of. In a study by the American Psychiatric Association, upright standing and sitting positions are said to improve our mood and make us more likely to experience arousal.


Being in the right posture makes us less prone to stress which is a big factor in decreasing pleasure. Inducing stress increase cortisol levels and inhibit sex hormones like oxytocin, so ensuring proper posture can help us feel more relaxed and become more receptive to arousal.


Using the Alexander Technique is crucial to achieving just that. While it doesn’t directly improve your sexual performance, it can help you correct your posture so you will be less tense and your body produces less cortisol.


If you and your partner are both working high-risk jobs or in fast-paced environments, your bodies may be building up too much tension which could contribute to stress. Through the right methods of posture correction, the Alexander Technique allows you to release this tension that’s often concentrated in the neck and abdomen.


Learning the Alexander Technique can do more than improve your movements and reduce the risk of injury. It can also help reduce stress and put you in the mood.