Wendy Goes to Hydro-Therapy

New! Listen to Wendy Talk

In August, 2007, Wendy underwent knee surgery at A-4 Animal Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska with Dr. Brad Gengenbach. The operation was very successful and a few weeks later, Wendy began Assisted Swimming Hydro-Therapy with Suzanne Border, LMT at Kenl Inn in Lincoln. These sessions have helped tremendously in her healing and by late November, Wendy was pretty much back to her old self.

The pictures below show Wendy on the way to therapy and during therapy. There are several shots of Wendy with Suzanne and some include Robert and Margaret, two of her chauffeurs. Anne also did a lot of the driving. There are a couple that include Mr. Pig, a fixture at Kenl Inn. Mr. Pig believes he is a dog.


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