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Welcome to The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique – the most comprehensive source for information about the Alexander Technique on the web.

The Alexander Technique is a way to feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way.

An Alexander Technique teacher shows you how to move with less stress on your body.

The Alexander Technique is for you if you are ready to feel more comfortable in your daily activities.

The Alexander Technique can also help you if:

  • You suffer from repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You have a backache or stiff neck and shoulders.
  • You become uncomfortable when sitting at your computer for long periods of time.
  • You are a singer, musician, actor, dancer or athlete and feel you are not performing at your full potential.

Below you’ll find 4 introductory videos and 2 introductory podcasts about the Alexander Technique:

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