There are several thousand Alexander teachers worldwide. Most are members of one or more professional societies and most of these societies publish both a written and an on-line teachers’ list. Under each of the country listings below, you’ll find links to individual teacher’s websites as well as links to the relevant certifying professional societies where you can locate those teachers who do not yet have a website.

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Residential Alexander Technique
Courses and Workshops:

Which Teacher Should I Choose?
If you are fortunate enough to live in a city that has more than one teacher, you might want to try several before choosing one. Recommendations from friends or colleagues may be helpful. If you come across a teacher who does not belong to a professional society, ask about his or her training and teaching experience.

Most Alexander Technique professional societies maintain a list of courses and workshops taught by their members. The websites of these societies are listed on the teachers’ lists (the three links at the top of this page) below the links to individual teacher’s websites – which themselves may contain information about classes and workshops offered in their areas.

A note about Alexander Technique teacher training:
Typically, professional societies require successful completion of a 3 year full-time study program at an accredited teacher training course – 1500-1600 hours of instruction.

A number of teachers have trained more informally on an apprenticeship basis. Some professional societies have a waiver process allowing these teachers to become certified based on a peer-review process or, in certain cases, requiring attendance at an approved training course and approval by the Director. Some of these informally-trained teachers have elected not to be certified by a professional society. As well, not all teachers who are eligible for membership in a professional society have chosen to join.
Click here to learn about Alexander Technique Teacher Training.

If there is no teacher available in your area, there are four things you can do:

  1. Arrange for a Skype or Zoom session with one of the teachers listed here.
  2. Attend a residential course. These are now offered in many countries. They run for a week or two at a time and it is possible to learn quite a lot in that period because the teaching is concentrated and there are usually several Alexander teachers working as a team with the group. The courses are usually held in pleasant locations and are an enjoyable and beneficial way to get started in the Technique, or to refresh one’s knowledge. Indeed, some teachers believe this is one of the best ways to learn the Technique.
  3. Travel to a teacher. It is not uncommon for pupils to spend a week or two in a city or town which has an Alexander teacher, taking a daily series of lessons during that period. This is often done in connection with business or vacation travel. Obviously it is important to arrange the lessons well in advance of your trip.
  4. Bring a teacher or workshop to you. Nowadays, some Alexander teachers regularly spend time away from their home base. It will require a certain amount of organizing on your part, but if you can get a half dozen or so people together and arrange accommodation and scheduling, it can be an excellent way to introduce the Technique into your community. As with residential courses, this solution offers the kind of concentrated instruction which works best for many pupils. Additionally, it is quite likely that someone in your area will, after having lessons in the Technique, decide to enroll in a training course. Then, in three years’ time, you’ll have your own local teacher!

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