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Promoting Your Teaching Practice

Get a Website:

Many Alexander Technique teachers who have their own websites find that the majority of their new referrals come from their website. Unless you have all the students you want, it makes no sense whatsoever to be without one. Because of the way the web is presently structured, you cannot rely on the online or printed teachers’ listings of your professional society to bring you a significant number of new students. For almost any kind of business today, not having a website is at least the equivalent to not having a phone.  It’s a clear signal to potential students that you are not a really a professional.

Ways to Use the Web Effectively:

  • Click here to listen to several interviews with Alexander Technique teachers who have done this in different ways to promote their practice.

Other Tips for Promoting Your Practice:

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Information about Master Teachers

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He got a little ahead of himself while moving up!

Teacher Training Information

If you are thinking about training to become an Alexander Technique teacher, this link will provide you with information and advice: Alexander Technique Teacher Training.

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Information Sources

General Information Sources:

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Self Study

Alternative and Controversial ViewsFor Alexander Technique students who are studying with little or no help from an Alexander teacher, suggestions and links to several useful resources can be found at: Alexander Technique Self-Study.

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Alternative and Controversial Views

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Several books related to teaching the Alexander Technique can be found at Alexander Technique Books.

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