In recent years, a large and rapidly growing number of Alexander Technique teachers and students have become active on Facebook and Twitter. You can search either Facebook or Twitter for “Alexander Technique” to see what’s available.

Here are a few suggestions:

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique Page on Facebook provides up-to-date information about the latest Alexander Technique developments from around the world.

Alexander Technique Forum is an open Facebook group for Alexander Technique teachers, students and enthusiasts from all backgrounds. It is the largest and most active platform for discussions about all aspects of the Technique and is a good place to ask questions about it.

Alexander Technique Worldwide is a Facebook group for Alexander Technique teachers and is not a public group.

Alexander Technique Blogs is an open Facebook group that is a good place to see recent blog posts.

Alexander Technique Distance Learning is an open Facebook page about this process.

I like lying down in semi-supine is an open Facebook group that lists information about, and examples of, Alexander Technique constructive rest.

Alexander Technique Blogs is a compilation of the very best of AT blogs from around the world, many of which are interactive.