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Constructive Rest
A Guide to this powerful self-help tool, inspired by the Alexander Technique, that can help anyone release harmful tension.

Constructive rest, sometimes known as "active rest", "semi-supine" or the "Alexander lying-down position" is an extremely effective self-help tool for Alexander Technique students, and for anyone else who wants a simple, practical way of releasing excess tension from their body.

The purpose of this page is to pull together in one place all the available information about constructive rest - articles, blogs, videos and audio resources. You'll find a variety of approaches to constructive rest here but there are three aspects that are pretty universal: 1. Lie on a firm surface; 2. Your knees should be elevated relative to your hips; and 3. There should (usually) be some support under your head. Most of the differences relate to what is most useful for you to think about (or not think about) while doing constructive rest. If you're new to the process, you might want to experiment with different suggestions.

If you know of any additional material, please send it to me, Robert Rickover, creator of this site using this Email contact page.

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Posture awareness with the Alexander Technique provides a nice video description of the process.

Alexander Technique teacher Sharon Jakubecy provides a good video description of the process

Repos Activ - Constructive rest video narrated in French.

Constructive Rest 30 Day Challenge - Video series by Mastaneh Nazarian

Audio Resources

Listen to conversations about the usefulness of constructive rest by Alexander Technique teachers

Imogen Ragone's Constructive Rest Audio Download (MP3) & Companion Guide (PDF)

Constructive Rest by Imogen Ragone provides information and audio instructions.

Constructive Rest - Audio Guide Series provides downloadable audio resources and CD's.

Alexander Technique teacher Lilly Sutton has created a guide to Constructive Rest, including a CD, which is available on her website.

Alexander Technique teachers Eileen Troberman and Robert Rickover have recorded two audio conversations about constructive rest

Diana Rumrill, a PT and Alexander Technique teacher provides a talk-through for construtive rest, particularly for musicians here

More audio resources coming soon.

Articles and Blogs

Constructive Rest blogs by Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone

30 Days of Constructive Rest Challenge by Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone

Can You Nap Constructively? by Alexander Technique teacher Imogen Ragone

The Value of Doing Nothing by Alexander Technique teacher Ruth Rootberg

Alexander Technique teacher Bill Plake provides a description of constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Laurel Podulke provides a description of constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Jim Crosthwaite provides a description of constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Hilary King provides extensive information about constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Elyse Shafarman provides a description of constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Leland Vall provides a description of constructive rest

Alexander Technique teacher Andrea Matthews has produced a short guide to constructive rest (PDF)

I like lying down on FaceBook has a great many photos - some very funny - of Alexander Technique teachers and students doing their constructive rest.

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