Studocu is one of the best educational startups. This is not just a platform on which many educational materials on various topics are collected, but a full-fledged project that helps to exchange valuable information. The founders state that it is designed to provide the best tools for effective learning, and it must be said that this mission is brilliantly realized in practice. To better understand how useful the project is, it is worth considering several of its advantages.

1. Incentives for platform users

Studocu was created by students who know very well how difficult it is sometimes to find study materials. Therefore, they decided to create a platform where a large number of educational materials from various disciplines are collected. Moreover, users can not only search for the necessary information there but also download it. However, there is one important nuance. There are 2 access levels on the platform: regular and premium.

The difference is that only the best materials are placed on the premium level of access. As for verification, the administration verifies absolutely all data that is uploaded to the platform. However, sometimes it still happens that low-quality materials reach the founders. This can create additional complications. That is why they encourage users to post high-quality information. In practice, this is manifested in incentives in the form of rewards (various items or lottery tickets).

2. Availability of free courses

The platform was created as a free resource. However, over time, the founders decided to create 2 levels of access. At the premium level, you need to pay a small fee to buy a subscription. This level hosts the highest quality courses and educational materials, but their total percentage is no more than 20. The remaining educational materials (about 80%) that are published on the web resource can be obtained for free. This approach is quite convenient and profitable for all project participants.


3. No age restrictions

The first educational materials that appeared on the Studocu platform were aimed at university students. However, very soon this trend changed, and courses and separate blocks of information of a different type appeared on the web resource. For example, on the platform, you can find materials suitable for 14-year-old students from Great Britain. In particular, these are documents that help in preparation for GCSEs and A-Levels.

4. Filling gaps in regular curricula

Unfortunately, today there are many cases where there are certain gaps between the needs of students and the material provided by teachers. This significantly reduces the chances of successfully passing the exams. Studocu will help to correct the situation. On the platform, you can find information that was missing in lectures on certain subjects. Moreover, studies by the Research Institute of America have shown that electronic learning materials are absorbed much better than conventional ones (by about 25-60%).

5. Gradual expansion

The founders aim to make valuable educational materials accessible to a wider range of users. To implement this idea, they are currently working on opportunities to enter new educational markets. In the process, the founders test them and study their structure to be able to add the most suitable categories.

6. Continuous improvement

This is one of the key principles of the project, as Studocu is a progressive and modern platform that aims to provide quality educational materials. This is confirmed by the acquisition of the well-known company Unybook in 2018. It is located in Spain (Barcelona), and its main focus is to buy the best notes for local university students who have excelled in their studies.

7. A new look at old-fashioned teaching methods

The Studocu project is a vivid example of the implementation of a system for successfully mastering online courses. Despite this, the platform is somewhat returning users to old-fashioned methods. What does it mean? Currently, many students study in the format of video lessons and hardly take notes of the information received.

In such conditions, learning takes place at the expense of memorizing important information. Studocu, on the other hand, offers to combine such a format with electronic abstracts that are available on the platform. That is, to a certain extent, users return to the traditional form. At the same time, it is worth noting the high efficiency of this approach.

8. Incentives for inviting new users

Another strong point of Studocu is the rewards that are given to premium users. You can get them by inviting other people to join the platform. One of the best rewards in this case is full access to all educational materials collected on the platform. In addition, they are provided with an unlimited number of opportunities to upload documents.

9. Availability of current vacancies

Studocu periodically publishes vacancies and is looking for experienced specialists to join its team. They are offered extremely attractive working conditions, starting from the schedule and ending with the salary level. If necessary, they can help with relocation. These are quite profitable offers since the e-education market will increase significantly. This is confirmed by Prosperityforamerica. According to the organization’s data, by 2027, the number of users of online educational platforms may increase by more than 50 million.

10. High professionalism

Currently, Studocu occupies a leading position in its segment. All thanks to a special approach to the organization, a responsible attitude to the project, as well as a desire for high-quality educational materials. All this finds a real embodiment in practice. Currently, the platform offers dozens of different courses and even more separate educational materials. Information is provided in more than 30 languages.


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